School Feeding

School Feeding Program (SFP):

Gram Unnayan Karma (GUK) started implementing School Feeding Program (SFP) from January 2012 in Porsha Upazila; district Naogaon a poverty prone area under the Agreement No. SFP/DPE/FLA No/2011/001/GUK with the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the United Nations of World Food Program (UNWFP).

Objectives of the Project:
The main objectives of the project are as follows:
• Preparing local level planning for increasing enrolment of students in Government Primary Schools & Ebtadia Madrasha, cent percent attendance of students in schools, reduction of drop-out rate, proper storing, handling and distribution of high protein biscuits and monitoring of distributions.
•Enhancing coordination with School Management Committee members, teachers and guardians.
•Promote cultivation of seasonal vegetables at school compound and at household level of students.
•Impart training to teachers, students & community stakeholders on nutrition, health, sanitation and holding community mobilization workshop.
•Program impact evaluation and assessment etc.

Status of School Feeding Program as of June 2015:

District Upazila Union Govt. Primary School Ebtedai Madrashaa Students Quantity of High Energy Protein Biscuit Distributed
2013 – 2014 Up to June 2015
Naogaon Porsha 6 87 1 14815 213.310 MT 864.036 MT

Output of School Feeding program:

i. 40 liter water containers/drams have been installed in 76 schools for safe drinking water for the students.
ii. 88% students carry water bottle & drink safe water regularly in class rooms.
iii. 76% of students carry tiffin box at schools.
iv. Organized 52 mothers’ gathering in order to create their awareness about nutrition & safe drinking water for the development of health of the students.
v. 88% sanitation coverage already ensured in 88 schools.

vi. 94% students use sandals for maintaining health & hygiene regularly in their normal life.
vii. 14 vegetable gardens already established in 14 school ground for cultivating safe vegetable as demo plot as learning center for students, teachers, guardians.
viii. 95% students eat biscuits class rooms.
ix. 100% schools start distribution of biscuits to the students in the 1st hour.
x. Majority of the schools have mango gardens.
xi. 1056 school management committee meetings held.

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