Primary Health Care & Family Planning Program (PHC&FP)

GUK-Primary Health Care & Family Planning Program (GUK-PHC & FP):
An adage goes like ‘Health is the root of all happiness’ resulting in overall socio-economic development of a country. Unfortunately, Bangladesh as a poor country has been experiencing a lot of problems and obstacles in the way of accomplishment of goals and objectives of a healthy society. In spite of having a good infrastructure in health and family welfare sector, the government has not yet been able to deliver qualitative services to the general mass people due to a number of barriers and constraints. It is very difficult to cover and address the vast population with the existing manpower of government health and family planning departments. In this situation the role of NGO as health and family planning service providers is very much important. GUK as a pragmatic NGO believes in total family health development by providing necessary health and family planning services at the door step of the community people. GUK faces a big challenge in ensuring individual household development with micro credit support without ensuring minimal health services to the beneficiaries. Considering the gravity of the situation, GUK started implementing its gigantic primary health care & family planning services program activities in late 2009. The main objective of GUK family health services program is to address the poor and ultra poor targeted beneficiaries living in remote areas with quality care by establishing service centres at community level. The structure of GUK primary health care & family planning services program includes qualified MBBS doctors, paramedics, technicians, health promoters and other support staffs to ensure efficient and quality services to the service recipients. The program activities and services are being delivered at the service delivery centers.

The specific objectives of GUK Primary Health Care & FP Program (GUK-PHC & FP) are as follows:
Reduce Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)
Reduce Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)
Ensure Safe Motherhood through quality service delivery
Ensure ante-natal and post-natal care
Ensure safe delivery and neo-natal care
Adolescent reproductive health care
Help establish small family norms

Nutrition education promotion
Treat poor patients by qualified doctors at service centers Refer high risk pregnant women and patients to referral hospitals

Sl. Name of activity Target in 2014 – 2015 Achievement 2014 –  2015
1 Enrollment of beneficiaries for health services 15315 12063
2 No. of static center established 4 4
3 No. of satellite centers established 12 12
4 No. beneficiaries for treatment 11076 9407
5 No. of MBBS doctors 1 1
6 No of patients referred for higher treatment NA 643

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