The Monitoring Department ensures that the internal control system of all operational activities are inline with the standard policies and guidelines of the organization. The department performs in accordance with three major methodologies i) Program processes, Monitoring and Performance indicators ii) Beneficiary consultation /Assessment and iii) Impact Evaluation through check list and other documents.

Major Tasks:
Tracking GUK inputs, processes, outputs and activities and monitor whether these are being delivered inline within the operational guidelines and policies.
Tracking project progresses effectively and efficiently by using in-house Management Information System (MIS).
Reviewing and recommending polices and guidelines based on market demand and practical field situation.
Monitoring and evaluating different programs and projects, ventures, sister concerns and social development enterprises of the organization.
Prepare different progress reports using result based monitoring system for various stakeholders.

Result Based Monitoring System
The expectation of the organization from result based monitoring is to help the program management system to find out how well the programs and projects are running and identify ways and means to improve the implementation status of programs and project activities along with involvement of high level community participation.
As per design of monitoring tools the monitoring team randomly monitors program and project activities and submits monitoring reports with comments and recommendations to the stakeholders for taking actions thereof.