Health Program

Health program under ENRICH:

The main objective of health services program under ENRICH is to provide primary health care services to all the households of Gabtali & Sariakandi union through static and satellite clinics to make the union free from blindness, ill health, warm infestation and coverage of 100% sanitation. Four Health Assistants and 19 Health Volunteers have been providing health services by holding satellite clinics at different places of 32 villages & static clinic at the head quarter on working day. The Health Volunteers have been regularly conducting home visits to 20-25 households in a routine way for collecting health related information, selling health cards and increasing awareness on health issues. After collecting information the health volunteers refer patients to static clinic for receiving treatment by the Health Assistants and also refer patients to satellite clinics organized at different places in a routine manner where MBBS doctors treat patients and provide prescriptions. In case any patient is detected very complicated by the MBBS doctors at satellite clinics then the patient is referred to govt. hospital from better/higher treatment. In total 10026 HHs are getting need based health services through ENRICH program under Gabtali & Sariakandi union.

Eye Camp under ENRICH Health Program:

In order to make Gabtali & Sariakandi union free from eye sight problems and loss of eye vision, GUK organized an Eye Camp on 16 March, 2015 under ENRICH Health Program at Tarafsartaz Fazil (Degree) Madrasha, Gabtali Union, Gabtali, Bogra with the financial and technical assistance of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). As an activity for prevention of blindness and control of eye sight problems of the poor & ultra poor people living in Gabtoli union this eye camp was organized in collaboration with GUK Eye Hospital, Bogra. The camp was inaugurated by the principal Tarafsartaz Fazil (Degree) Madrasha. UP Chairman, Gabtoli & high officials of GUK were present where Dr. Khalequzzaman & Dr. Md. Layel Hasan along with medical team of GUK Eye Hospital conducted Eye Camp. In total 175 patients were examined by specialist Eye Surgeon and technicians out of which 91 eye patients were given treatment on the spot & 38 patients were selected for cataract operation. During the fiscal year 2014-2015 a total number of 580 Cataract patients were received free operation treatment facilities.

General Health Camp under ENRICH:

On several time, 2015 one General Health Camp was held at Severel places, Gabtoli & sariakandi Union, Bogra where doctor Layel Hasan & Khalilur Rahman, Child Specialist were provided treatment among the patient. In total 583 patients were treated by the doctors. After closing the camp a meeting was held in presence of all the people coming from different areas of the union and outside areas. The Chief Guest, special guests and Vice-Chairman of the organization delivered their valuable speeches regarding the prevailing diseases specially eye sight problems and assured the audience and spectators to prevent and control all types of eye sight problems along with treatment of general patients suffering from different diseases.

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