GUK Shishu Bikash

GUK Shishu Bikash Education Program


Education is the backbone of a nation & a nation cannot prosper without proper education. Considering the importance of education in the way of overall development of a nation, Gram Unnayan Karma (GUK) has been implementing its non-formal primary education program since its inception by its own fund. Recently a decreasing tendency is being noticed from the side of donor agency in extending financial & technical assistance for promotion of primary education.

Whereas the rate of literacy is yet to be increased with quality education facilities in the country. On the other hand mass people demand quality education for their children if necessary by sharing educational expenses. The existing number of Govt. Primary Schools is not enough to cover the growing number of school going children in rural & hard to reach remote areas. There is a high demand for quality education of school going children in remote areas without any compromise with the standard of education. On the basis of a feasibility study & the importance of increasing the rate of literacy, the management authority of GUK has taken the decision to run GUK Shishu Bikash Education Program with cost sharing basis for the dropped out & non school going children of the beneficiaries of GUK and other poor community households who are living in the very remote areas where density of population is comparatively higher than other areas & the distance of Govt. Primary school is far from the community. For achieving the cherished goal of the organization, GUK has already started Shishu Bikash Education Program initially in Bogra district as a piloting program & based on the results the program will be expanded gradually in the country with the financial & technical assistance of GUK itself, community contribution as well as Government and donor support.

Objectives of the program:

(1)To create scope for quality education for the dropped out & non school going children in the society.

(2)To increase the rate of literacy.

(3)To reduce the dependency on house tutor by providing quality education in school.
(4)To complete the planned lessons during the class period which will reduce the dependency on house tutor.
(5)To give priority for admission of female students in the school.

(6)To provide stipend among the meritorious poor students.

(7)To create the scope of quality education for the dropped out and non school going children.
(8)To provide moral education along with government curriculum.
(9)To fill up the gap by opening GUK Shishu Bikash School where there is no Govt. Primary School.
(10)To run the education program on cost effective basis.
(11)To bring the non school going & dropped out children in the main stream of education.
(12)To ensure the standard of education in GUK Shishu Bikash Schools for getting GPA-5 by the students.
(13)To establish the spirit of ownership among the parents of the students of GUK Shishu Bikash Schools to make the program sustainable.
(14)To provide primary health care education among the students & parents by holding meetings & sessions.
(15)To enroll the parents for access to GUK financial services to undertake different IGAs as source of income earning.
(16)To create the employment opportunity for the teachers & staffs.

Management of program:
As per approved policy of the GUK Shishu Bikash Education Program all kinds of activities such as administrative management, financial management, staff recruitment, teacher recruitment, school selection, school opening, curriculum development, Supervision & monitoring, quality control, business plan, enrolment of students, fund management including all other initiatives will be a taken under the policy of GUK Shishu Bikash Education Program with the approval of Executive Director of GUK.

Present status of the education program:

From 1993 to June 2015 a total number of 4725 poor students completed their primary education under 135 non-formal education centers of GUK & now they are continuing their education in secondary schools.
66 schools are running under GUK Shishu Bikash Education Program in different remote areas of Bogra district where 1980 dropped out and non school going children are getting education.

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