GUK Legal Aid & Gender Development

GUK Legal Aid & Gender Development Cell:
GUK has its own legal aid cell under the direct control of the Executive Director of the organization. The legal aid cell is constituted with the members of professional lawyers and other support staffs. GUK legal aid cell started its activities in 2005 with the recruitment of one panel lawyer. Presently there are 6 panel lawyers working with GUK to support its legal aid activities in the field as and when necessary. The legal aid activities of GUK are limited within the scope of mitigating conflicts and disputes among the beneficiaries through community level arbitration involving the members of local government bodies, local elites and assigned lawyers of the organization. As per policy of the organization, the members of the arbitration team generally try to settle disputes and conflicts between parties amicably through mutual understanding basing on right judgment. In 2014-2015, GUK legal aid cell has successfully resolved 256 cases through arbitration/mediation involving panel lawyers of GUK, local elites, representatives from local government bodies and conflicting parties at different places of GUK working areas. Beside this GUK legal aid cell has referred another 21 cases to the respective courts failing to resolve those cases through arbitration/mediation by GUK panel lawyers.

Beside this, GUK has been empowering its nearly 190210 group members through formal and informal trainings, awareness raising sessions, courtyard meetings to peacefully mitigate internal chaos and conflicts with justice. The continued practice of resolving local conflicts locally has remarkably reduced the number of court cases resulting in saving both time, money and court harassment. The formal training includes issues and subjects like fundamental rights, human rights, constitutional laws, family laws ordinance, dowry, polygamy, early marriage, violence against women and children, prevention and control of acid throwing, illegal divorce, family torture, trafficking in women and children, mediation techniques, right based approach to development, women’s right & gender development, convention on child rights etc.