GUK Breeding Farm

GUK started implementing Livestock Development Program through Contract Farming with the financial and technical assistance of PKSF under LIFT program in 2008. The project aims to achieve its goal by establishing a dairy cum breeding farm. The goal of the project is economic empowerment of the poor community people through improved cattle rearing and establishing mini dairy farms at community level. The main objectives are:

 To maintain the standard breed percentage.
 To attain a sustainable livelihoods
 To create employment generation
 To promote the nutritional status of poor households
 Substantial contribution to national economic growth and
 Restoration of soil fertility

The project started implementing several interventions targeting 506 no. of contract farmers in Bogra district.

Distribution of Heifers to Contract Farmers

During the period under report Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin, DMD, PKSF & Md. Rashidul Islam, Director (Monitoring), GUK visited the Dairy Cum Breeding Farm of GUK and distributed heifers to the contract farmers for establishing mini dairy farm at community level.

Impact on contract farmers’ level:
Up to the period under report 84 heifers were distributed among 84 contract farmers for establishing mini dairy farms at community level in order to help maintain the status of breed, protection of inbreed, increase yielding of milk and also to improve breed percentage. A positive impact on all the areas is being noticed along with additional income by selling milk through GUK milk marketing channel. GUK has been supporting the contract farmers with technical assistance and establishing linkage with DLS.

Internship program under GUK breeding farm:
GUK dairy cum breeding farm is a recognized Research center for breed development in order to produce quality breed heifer for distribution among the contract farmers to establish mini dairy farms at village/community level. This breed will sustain up to 25 years. On the other hand the students of dairy faculty of Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymenshing & Sylhet Agricultural University complete their Internship. Every year 200-250 students participate in the internship course on DVM in our breeding farm for acquiring practical knowledge & experiences on livestock development & management specially research activities on cross breed heifer/male calf/cow & data collection as well as processing to get result on AI between traditional/indigenous cow with the semen of foreign bull. Based on the practical resultof research on cross breed development the Executive Director of GUK provides up to 20 marks against each internee student of University based on their performance.