Education program under ENRICH:

A different type of education program is running under ENRICH program by setting up 40 learning centers. The main objective of the education program is to coach the school going children beyond their school hours in order to improve & sharpen their knowledge for better result. In total 1200 children are learning in 16 learning centers and 40 teachers are engaged for coaching support to the students.

Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE) program:

GUK has been implementing Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE) program to promote behavioral changes of the community people and to

establish favorable environment for extension of child education. Boys and girls coming from poor families having no access to formal schools are the target group for GUK-NFPE program. Dropped out children from Govt. primary schools are also enrolled in the program as participants.

GUK has been working on Non-Formal primary Education since 1995 in different phases with the support from BRAC and presently implementing NFPE program by opening 22 schools in Dhunat upazila under Bogra district enrolling 660 boys and girls. The project Coordinator & Supervisors supervise the whole activities on a regular basis by giving constructive feedback for better learning environment.

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