Disaster Management & Contingency Plan

Disaster Management & Contingency Plan:
GUK always prepares contingency plan with necessary budget for distribution of emergency relief food packets including medicines and other essential materials among disaster affected people. Disaster affected people of disaster prone areas are the targeted beneficiaries for the Program. Main activities of emergency disaster response Program include- enrollment of targeted beneficiaries, distribution of cards, distribution of relief materials, emergency rescue operation, establishment of temporary camps, medical support and other necessary support needed for the disaster affected people to restore their normal life situation. GUK has a Disaster Management Committee consisting of trained officials, social stake holders, members of youth clubs, members of village development committee etc for efficient and successful implementation of disaster management programs during disaster period. Primarily the members of disaster management committee conduct focus group discussions and meetings with GO, NGO and other development line agencies for awareness increase of vulnerable communities about different types of disasters due to natural calamities and other hazards. GUK has a general practice for preparing contingent budget to combat any type of disasters that may occur at any time anywhere in the disaster prone area. The provision of budget is based on the need of necessary materials. Normally GUK has a provision of contingency plan amounting to BDT 1.5 million every year.