Community Climate Change Project (CCCP)-PKSF

Community Based Climate Change Risk Reduction Project (CBCCRRP):
Gram Unnayan Karma (GUK) started implementing Community Based Climate Change Risk Reduction Project (CBCCRRP) from January’2014 under the contract agreement between Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) and Gram Unnayan Karma (GUK), Bogra. The project is funded by Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF). This agreement is valid for 33 months from date of signing the FLA.

Working Area: The sub-project is being implemented in Porsha upazilla under Naogaon District. There are 6 unions in Porsha upazilla out of which 4 unions are covered under the project namely (I) Ganguria (II) Nitpur (III) Mushedpur & (IV) Tatulia. It is a drought prone area project to address the effects of climate change. Community Climate Change Project (CCCP) is an adaptation project that aims at enhancing the capacity of selected communities to increase their resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Introduction: The total population of 4 unions is approximately 84060. About 60% of the total population is most vulnerable to drought every year. The main climate change challenges in the project area are severe drought causing dearth of water supply for producing different crops round the year. Safe drinking water is also a great problem in the area. The land is not plain rather it is a Barind Tract. The underground water layer is going down 2-3 feet every year due to hard soil. Supply of water from the deep tube-wells is the only source of water for irrigation & also in some areas for household purpose which is another cause of going down the underground water layer rapidly. Only a few percentages of people are land lords and the remaining vast majority of people are poor & ultra poor. Road communication in different unions is not good at all. Coverage of social forestry is totally absent. Maximum poor people use pond water for household activities. The only river named Punorvaba crossing through the upazila has no flow of water and during dry season it becomes fully dried. The poor people cannot afford the cost of irrigation for producing crops & vegetables. The rate of literacy is not also up to the mark and general much people have no idea about the threat of climate changes. The overall situation of the total upazila is deteriorating day by day due to drought prone area.

Main Activities:
a. Distribution of Poultry/Duck sheds to 325 poor and ultra poor project participants for backyard poultry/duck rearing.
b. Distribution of Goat/Sheep rearing sheds to 394 ultra poor project participants.
c. Installation of Improved Cook Stoves (ICS-Bondhu Chula) at 1073 household levels.
d. Installation of 174 Sanitary Latrines at household levels.
e. Installation of 172 community Tube-Wells with platforms at community level for safe drinking water.
f. Re-excavation of 2 big ponds for supplementary irrigation of draught tolerant crops & vegetables cultivation.
g. Provide day long training and input support to 100 selected marginalized farmers around the re-excavated pond in groups on draught tolerant variety of T. Aman (BRRI dhan-56) along with intensive cultivation of vegetables as a part of draught resilient activities.

During July 2014 to June 2015 the following activities have done:

Sl. Activity Achievement
1 Provided Goat/Sheep rearing training 394
2 Provided Duck/Poultry rearing training 325
3 Distribution of Goat/Sheep slatted house 394
4 Distribution of Duck/Poultry rearing house 325
5 Installation of tube-wells with platforms 100
6 Installation of sanitary latrines 110
7 Installation of ICS (Bondhu Chula) 656
8 Re-excavation of ponds 2
9 Training provided to drought tolerant rice producers 25