Beggar Rehabilitation

Beggars Rehabilitation program:
To make Gabtali a bagger free union under Gabtali upazilla, Gram Unnayan Karma (GUK) with the financial & technical assistance of Palli Karma-

Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) started implementing beggars rehabilitation program in the 1st phase by selecting 5 ultra poor & disable beggars during 20113-14 & in the 2nd phase by selecting another 5 beggars in 2014-15 for the rehabilitation by providing suitable income generating activities as they would be able to implement successfully. All the 10 beggars have been provided with BDT. 1 (one) lac each through handing over cheques to undertake suitable IGAs. The GUK officials & field staff have been closely supervising and ensuring efficient running of individual IGAs by the selected beggars and monitoring the progress of activities. Out of 10 beggars 10 have purchased milking cows with small land for fodder cultivation and earring daily income by selling milk, paddy cultivation, goat/sheep rearing. The main theme of this program is to eradicate begging profession from the society and as a model activity we highly expect that the ultimate goal will be achieved if this mission could be continued. In the cheque distribution ceremony Md. Mobarak Hossain Talukder, Consultant, Md. Khorshed Alam, Consultant, Md. Anisur Rahman, Deputy Director (Training),AHM Saiful Islam, Project Coordinator (ENRICH) & Md. Ataur Rahman, Zonal Manager, Gabtoli Zone were present & distributed cheques among the 5 beggars in the 2nd phase. The following pictures represent the socio-economic changing situation of Dholi Bewa from a beggar to entrepreneur

The other 4 (four) beggars also have started their income generating activities after receiving grant cheques amounting to BDT 1 (one) lac each.