Agriculture Development Program of GUK:

From the inception of the organization GUK has been implementing agriculture program activities in order to create working scope and production of different high value crops in the operating area of GUK. In addition to this considering the geographical area specially dry and drought prone area like Porsha upazilla under Naogaon district we are implementing special agriculture program with the active cooperation of Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra in order to introduce drought tolerant & short durable rice variety BRRI Dhan-56 & 58 for the economic emancipation as well as to adapt suitable cropping pattern and mitigate lean season food crises as well as for the quality development of agricultural products. We have provided training on vegetable focused profitable cropping pattern among 60000 farmers through 300 batch/training sessions. After training we distributed 60000 year round crop calendar among the farmers. On the other hand based on the demand of the borrowers in different area of GUK we are running agriculture program with the financial & technical support from Bangladesh Bank/JICA and PKSF for providing different skill development on job training among the farmers as well as providing input supply, high value quality seeds, agro machineries, crops production, processing, preservation as well as market linkage with different actors to sell their agricultural products. During the fiscal year 2014-2015 a total number of 56890 borrowers/farmers received agricultural loan on different crops/trades amounting to BDT 1455045000/-.

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